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Gone are the days when we knew for certain that everyone was viewing the web on a desktop or laptop computer so websites were designed and developed for that standard experience. Increasingly, people are viewing the web on a variety of devices – tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

If your website doesn’t support those devices, this can negatively affect how users interact with your business. The site may load slowly, the layout may be fixed and awkward to navigate and you may end up with many frustrated users.

Statistics show that most users convert when using small-screen devices which means you may be losing out on valuable business opportunities.

The Sync Studios & Marketing team can turn this problem around by using responsive design. We’ll optimise your website and scale it to whatever kind of device the user is viewing it from.  We’ll test it on a variety of devices – mobile and non-mobile – to ensure the experience is consistent and easy to use.

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  • Logo Creation

    A logo is a visual element that signifies an organisation. A logo is a vital characteristic of a business as it helps form an identity for your brand and services. Logos can captivate your audience by helping them identify YOU against any competitor.

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  • Graphics Design

    Developing a strong, authentic brand and delivering it consistently through cutting edge graphics design is the foundation upon which every successful business is built

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  • Social Media Advertising

    It's time to get SOCIAL! If used wisely, social media can be a powerful business tool.

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